Travel to Rome!

Alumni, Students, Staff, Faculty and Friends!

There is a very exciting opportunity May 5-14, 2013 to travel to Rome with our very own APU Professors!!

Join Professors Regina Boisclair and Timothy Rawson of Alaska Pacific University for an enriching journey to one of the most fascinating destinations in the world – Rome. Our program explores the intersection of classical Rome with the rise of early Christianity. One finds in Rome the greatest concentration of evidence for who the early Christians were and how early Christianity began to arise and take shape and form. We will visit the Catacombs, early Christian meeting places, and see some of the earliest art in Christianity. Many of the sites we will visit are adjacent to great Roman monuments, underscoring the similarities and differences between the beliefs, traditions and customs of ancient Romans and the early Christians. Our program balances organized group guided visits with enough leisure to enjoy Rome at your own pace. Come join this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see Rome through the eyes of great teachers who have insiders’ views of this marvelous city.

Human history is rich with tales of globe trekkers who have gained valuable insight about themselves and the world around them through the discovery and exploration of cultures outside their own. People who travel the globe begin a lifelong journey of wordly citizenship.

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