Flesh Eating Zombies Take Over Moseley Sports Center in Zombie Tag

What do you get when you place college students turned zombies in a school gymnasium with a mission to run… Zombie Tag of course!

This past week APU students mixed some Halloween spirit with physical fitness to create this hybrid game of tag using a Zombie theme.

How do you play Zombie tag you ask? This is how the creative game is played: Choose one of two sides to be on, Humans or Zombies. Humans have 2 flags which represent “lives.” If you get tagged you lose your flags and become a Zombie where your new mission is to catch other Humans. The last Human standing wins! APU students put a fun twist on the game by giving an extra “life” to those who showed up in a Halloween costume.

APU Recreation Programs sponsored the event and a representative said they hope to do this event annually around Halloween. You’ve been warned, watch out next October when you hear the frightening phrase of “Braaaaiiins, Braiiiinns…” echoed throughout the APU campus, you might just turn into the next Zombie in Zombie tag!

Photos provided courtesy of Joshua G. Wilson