ExxonMobil Alaska adds $10,000 scholarship, cites University’s commitment to seeing women advance in the workforce

ExxonMobil Alaska has chosen Alaska Pacific University as the venue for its Woman’s Empowerment Scholarship awarded to a female student enrolled full-time at Alaska Pacific University, the state’s only private baccalaureate liberal arts university.

“Selecting APU as the only outlet for this scholarship sends a strong signal that ExxonMobil understands the value of choice in higher education,” said Stephanie M. Haydn, APU Director of Development. “The University is honored to once again team with ExxonMobil Alaska as we each work to advance women lives statewide.”

The University and Anchorage-based ExxonMobil Alaska said the scholarship, to be awarded in the 2014-2015 academic year, had its start in the company’s inaugural role in the Alaska Women’s Summit, held at APU last year. The first-of-its-kind event attracted business leaders, policymakers, lawmakers and members of the public seeking ways to enhance women’s standard of living statewide.

“Alaska Pacific University shares our belief—as demonstrated by our role in the Women’s Summit—that education equals empowerment,” said Karen Hagedorn, Production Manager for ExxonMobil Alaska. “We are committed to investing in communities where we live and work.”

The Woman’s Empowerment Scholarship will be awarded to a full-time undergraduate or part-time graduate enrolled APU female student who demonstrates commitment to academic, professional and personal achievement. In addition to possessing a 3.5 grade point average in any graduate or undergraduate program, applicants must submit an essay explaining their commitment to learning and community. The application deadline is May 1.

“It’s an incredibly generous scholarship that will attract APU’s brightest and best,” Haydn said. “ExxonMobil Alaska’s commitment and contributions to the University, the state and the women who will shape Alaska’s future are notable and deeply appreciated.”


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