Summer 2013 Team WOW recognition

This quarter’s TEAM WOW award stretches across three departments and recognizes a group that worked together to create what is now the “Talk of the Town.”  They spent countless weeks and hours entering data, designing print materials and developing plans that “WOWed” our donors, friends and guests at the 2013 Annual Benefit Gala. Most of this team had never been to our Gala nor designed & planned an auction, yet this particular group of five ladies each assumed lead roles on many moving parts and countless little details. We can’t possibly thank them, and everyone who participated, enough!

Heather Hansen — Worked with the designer to create the program and didn’t stop until every donor was recognized and every item was detailed. After putting in long hours on the beautiful print work, she solicited volunteers, managed them, and ensured we had enough help to keep our guests happy on the night of the event. Heather worked, on her feet, for 15 hours the day of the Gala, not stopping once until the evening ended. She literally worked herself sick!

Elaine Scarborough — Made sure we kept the numbers straight, entered all of the data, and that our auction software was running smoothly for guest check in and out. She devoted time to support the development team from the first table sponsor until the last purchase. She is the lady who kept us honest, on track and bringing in the dollars! At the gala she handled every problem with grace and patience. She kept her cool under pressure and provided first class customer service to our guests.

Angela Gravitt — Put aside all of her President’s office tasks and worked with Development to gather guest names and enter data. I am certain she typed all day, every day entering auction items, names, values, and more. She also came to the rescue finding movers for item delivery just days before the event. Angela stayed late every evening leading up to the auction and then put in even more hours on the night of the auction.

Becky More — Until Becky, I had never met a person who could mail merge just about anything. Becky kept spreadsheets on every detail and helped organize the committee. She invoiced, thanked, and collected auction items for days. Becky continues to keep up with the money. She is spending her days delivering purchases and collecting cash. With her mail merge wizardry she is developing the spreadsheet of all spreadsheets allowing us to thank all of our guests.

And finally, meet…

Bridget Degnan — Bridget started with APU on the Monday before the Auction. She had to wait patiently to even begin thinking about what she is really going to do here at APU…with no training, no on-boarding, and not even a proper welcome, Bridget jumped in with both feet. If there was a task to be done she did it with a smile. When our chair wanted Animal Crackers, Bridget not only found them, she found 250 of them at 5 different stores! Welcome to the team, Bridget—our new go-getter!

As I said, there are so many to thank, but this team took the lead and made it happen. To quote the many remarks and comments we’ve been hearing:


“I have lived in Anchorage for more than 30 years and have never been to such an event.  It will remain the talk of the town until next year at this time.”

Patti McGuire, Trustee and Committee Chair


“Dear APU, Just a note to thank you for a lovely evening.  I think this was the best year ever!”

Barbara Baugh, Donor and Presidents Forum Member


Thank you to this extraordinary team for making the 2013 APU Benefit Gala possible.