Professionalism to the next degree

APU’s psychology doctorate is the only campus-based program of its kind in Alaska, where the need for counselors continues to grow. We welcome professionals ready for cohort learning in an accredited program designed for working adults.

Your PsyD is based on self-directed learning contracts. Weekend intensives keep you connected to peers and faculty. PsyD is a three- year program offering a choice between licensure-eligiblity in Alaska or elsewhere, or study for enrichment not leading to licensure.

Our students represent the range of psychology career paths

  • licensed professional counselors seeking to expand knowledge
  • a lawyer with expertise in counseling psychology and mediation
  • a psychology professor eager to return to a counseling practice

Rewarding education for a rewarding profession

Your PsyD is a comprehensive three-year program encompass- ing theory and application, research and practice, and profes- sional experience and internship. PsyD projects demonstrating excellence are self-assigned capstones for personal enrichment and career enhancement.

Recent projects include:

  • an exploration of interventions that engage youth in their own behavioral treatment
  • performance and rehabilitation imagery workshop for athletes


  • History and Systems of Psychology
  • Social Bases of Behavior
  • Individual Differences
  • Biological Basis of Behavior
  • Cognitive and Affective Bases of Behavior
  • Ethics of Professional Practice
  • Psychology of Measurement
  • Research Methodology and Techniques of Data Analysis
  • Learning Agreement Certification
  • Project Demonstrating Excellence Proposal
  • Supervised Practicum I
  • PDE Research
  • Supervised Practicum II
  • Supervised Practicum III
  • PDE Completion
  • Pre-Doctoral Supervised Internship I
  • Pre-Doctoral Supervised Internship II
  • Pre-Doctoral Supervised Internship III

Application Date Requirements

October 15th for Summer


As a student in our department, you will receive hands on training for the 3rd fastest growing profession in America – Counseling.  Classes are dynamic and participatory, taking place outside of a formal classroom as often as inside. Students may find themselves hiking in the Chugach Mountains to investigate the relationship between nature and psychology, working in a village in Africa to personalize the meaning of service, or even training a horse for an Equine therapy senior project.

Counseling Psychology Department