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Determining Age and Growth Rates in Centroscyllium nigrum, Pacific Black Dogfish, Utilizing Fin Spine and Vertebrae Analysis

Seward Port Sampling: Photo by Krystal Fales

Seward Port Sampling: Photo by Krystal Fales

With my project, my goal is to determine whether or not age and growth rates can be determined in the species C. nigrum using dorsal fin spines and vertebrae. Counts of growth bands, if visible, will then be made in both dorsal fin spines and vertebrae and compared with weight and length measurements in order to construct growth curves. Age and growth rate studies such as this one are important to understanding life history in addition to providing information for the betterment of fisheries management. My samples will be shipped to me in Alaska from Moss Landing, California after which they will be processed and analyzed.






Cameron Provost: I am a senior marine biology student at Alaska Pacific University. All my life I have been interested in marine life, sharks in particular. When the opportunity to work with the deepwater shark C. nigrum arose, I jumped at it. Many species of sharks, like C. nigrum, are poorly understood. My goal is to contribute to the understanding and protection of sharks.

Photographing Coastal Guam

Photographing Coastal Guam


  1. Caela Provost says:

    This sounds wicked cool, Cam! I can’t wait to read the entire paper and learn more about these very interesting, and sadly very misunderstood, creatures. So proud of all your hard work and dedication to your field!

  2. Mark Pidcoe says:

    If you are interested, i photographed what has tentatively ID as a C nigrum on the 1st of this year at only 105′ of depth at the head of La Jolla Canyon. ID by Dr. Milton Love and Dave Ebert. if you are interested in the photos, feel free to contact me and i will send them to you if you feel they will be of any benefit to your research. Only 2 photo’s, i am heading out again tomorrow to the same area to try again.

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