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  • “The Early Honors Program at APU was a lifesaver. It provided an in-state option that was an equal alternative to the out-of-state boarding school my daughter previously attended. I am so pleased to have her home. Thank you APU!”

    Christy Rush

  • “So far we have had a good impression of the program. Our son seems to enjoy education again and this is reflected in his overall attitude. We hope that Early Honors continues to be a great success. Thanks for the time and support you've shown Nick, we truly appreciate it.”

    John & Mary Kiewik

  • “APU's Early Honors program was the perfect place for our son, allowing him to move forward academically in a small personal setting. He is excited by his classes and enjoys his teachers. We have especially enjoyed the readings he has had that opened dinner conversations to early Greek writers, ethics and history. We all appreciate the opportunities he has had Early Honors.”

    Kim McGee & Venerable Vermont

Tuition & Costs

The cost of the Early Honors Dual Credit Program is a consolidated fee that includes orientation, tuition and activities. Books and lab fees are not included.

Early Honors students are eligible for scholarships established and awarded through APU. First National Bank of Alaska generously supports scholarships for the program. Early Honors students are not eligible for Federal and State financial aid, because they are classified as non-degree seeking.

Pathway to Graduation

Early courses in the APU Honors Program will give your student the opportunity complete their required high school credits before moving forward to college courses that will earn them transferable credits.

Resources for College Preparation and Application

APU is an accredited university, so credits that are earned at APU by your hardworking student will transfer to other accredited universities. APU staff will also work with your student and you to chart a successful path to the next college step, be it at APU or elsewhere.

Campus Safety

APU takes your student’s safety as seriously as their education. APU is a safe and friendly environment where your son or daughter will be treated like a respected college student, while also being supported and protected.

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