Memoranda of Agreement

APU maintains Memoranda of Agreement with the Anchorage School District and Matanuska-Susitna School District ensuring that courses taken at APU can count toward high school graduation requirements. We establish similar agreements when potential Early Honors students come from other districts.

Will Early Honors credits at APU transfer to other schools?

APU Early Honors students take courses that will enable them to complete their high school graduation requirements and start earning college credits. Since APU is an accredited university, credits earned in Early Honors courses will transfer to other accredited universities. APU staff will work with students, families and high school counselors to make sure the college journey begins, and continues, successfully.

Campus Life & Safety

The APU Early Honors experience doesn’t just prepare high school students for college – it makes them college students. APU’s campus and learning environment is challenging, but also hands-on, personal and transformational. Campus life for an Early Honors student provides an opportunity to grow and be independent, but APU faculty and staff, like the Early Honors Program director, will be there at every step to provide mentorship and support.

Early Honors Program Handbook