What to Expect at APU

Early Honors StudentsFinishing High School vs. Starting College

You haven’t finished high school, but you’re ready for the next challenge. In APU’s Early Honors Program, you will complete high school as a college student taking college classes taught by college professors. And you’ll earn college credits.

AP Classes vs. College Courses

You’ll also truly experience college life – independence, respect from your professors and peers, opportunities to learn and grow, and new outlets for your educational and social passions. You will be a full-time APU student and your experience will instill the knowledge, academic skills and confidence that gives you an advantage over your high school peers as they transition to college.

Getting Lost in the Crowd vs. Being Independent and Supported

And you aren’t losing your last year of high school – you’re enhancing it. APU’s flexible course scheduling makes it easy for you to stay connected to your high school classmates, activities, sports and clubs.

Campus Life

The APU campus is nestled in a greenbelt in the middle of Anchorage, where you’ll feel a world away from the crowded high school life but just a few miles or minutes away from your friends and activities. APU is a comfortable yet exciting college environment, and one that is unlike any other. Your fellow students, the APU faculty and your courses will be as interesting and complex as you are. You’ll be independent, but will also have support and mentorship from the Early Honors Program director, faculty advisors, student life staff and others.

Early Honors Campus Life


Whether you’re from a nearby high school or joining us from hometowns far away, Early Honors students like you are welcome to live in APU’s on-campus housing. Within a short walk to all of your EH classes and the consortium library, you’ll appreciate the convenience and comfort of on-campus residency. And studies show that first-year students who live on campus tend to earn higher grades and report greater personal growth.

Residence Advisers, selected from APU student leaders and trained in emergency and safety procedures, are assigned to all student housing. Your RA is among your neighbors. Residence Advisers can help ease your transition to on-campus living and college life. In addition to wireless Internet, typical housing features three-bedroom suites that include a living room and large bathroom. On-campus meal plans are mandatory.

Frequently Asked Questions

When you say I’ll be dual enrolled at my high school and Alaska Pacific University, what does that mean exactly?

Early Honors admits high school seniors – and juniors, too, sometimes – so that you may complete two programs at the same time: While your APU courses fulfill credits to complete your high school diploma, you’ll also earn credits to satisfy a first year of college. You’ll be enrolled in two places at once: your high school as usual and at APU as a full-time student. You’re held to the same expectations as other APU students and you have full privileges, including use of the Moseley Sports Center and its saltwater pool; the APU climbing wall; the APU-UAA consortium library; free, unlimited PeopleMover bus pass; and admission to APU student government, clubs and travel.

My high school guidance counselor is encouraging me to apply for Early Honors, but I’m wondering: Will I be able to continue meeting with my guidance counselor as an Early Honors student? Or will I have a new academic adviser at APU? Do I have to choose between them?

Yes, yes and no. As a dual-enrolled student, you retain your high school status and the chance to continue working with your guidance counselor throughout your Early Honors year. We encourage you to maintain this connection, especially if you’re like most EH students who’ve come to know and trust their counselors. Early Honors students also see their APU academic adviser regularly. You’re welcome to drop by without an appointment to check in or just chat about school and life. And no, you need not choose between your high school guidance counselor and your APU academic adviser. Early Honors advisers work closely with high schools; we value their efforts to help you succeed.

I planned to enroll in APU as a college freshman, not as a high school senior! Do students ever stay on at APU to earn college degrees once they’ve completed Early Honors?

Yes. Your Early Honors credits give you a head start toward a bachelor’s degree at APU at a locked-in tuition rate, making Alaska Pacific University one the best buys in higher education among private universities nationwide. While it’s not a recruiting program, Early Honors introduces students to APU’s small class sizes and rigorous academics—attributes that attract several Early Honors graduates every year. APU’s emphasis on applied learning can be a good fit when you’re looking for hands-on, Alaska-based education that suits real-world demands.

I’m ready for a new challenge like Early Honors. But I want to continue playing sports at my high school. Can I do both?

Yes, you can. APU’s flexible scheduling makes it easy for Early Honors students to stay connected to their senior class. In fact, you’ll find that many Early Honors students organize their APU school day to accommodate high-school based events and interests like clubs, student government, arts and sports—activities that make your senior year memorable.