New courses highlight sustainability, Alaska as our classroom, pre-med track

Courses that underscore APU’s commitment to sustainability and Alaska as our classroom are among new offerings in the fall schedule.

Natural History Interpretation adds the opportunity for APU students to earn a Certified Interpretive Guide credential as part of regular coursework. Certification is unique among similar college courses in Alaska. The credential is needed before guides may interpret science or history for hire. Taught by Outdoor Studies Associate Professor David McGivern, Alaska Natural History Interpretation OS40300 begins Sept. 24.

Tim Rawson, associate professor of history, offers a four-credit course on Green Global History. Integrating earth and human history, the class focuses on fossil fuel and other energy sources and our capacity to control and manipulate them. A companion theme investigates environmental consequences of harnessing natural resources for energy. Green Global History SUS 21000 begins Sept. 24 and fulfills the general university requirement in Social/Behavioral Sciences.

Fisheries Ecology involves undergraduates in cooperative research projects with the Alaska Department of Fish and Game and the US Fish & Wildlife Service. Taught by Brad Harris, assistant professor of marine biology, the block course is designed to help address a shortage of researchers capable of doing high-quality science focusing on fishery population dynamics and related topics. Fisheries Ecology MAR 49225 includes field work investigating salmon in Fish Creek, about 70 miles northwest of Anchorage. The course began Aug. 27.

Students pursuing APU’s pre-med track may want to consider a new course examining psychological, ethical and philosophical perspectives on end-of-life issues. The four-credit class begins Sept. 24 and is taught by Dr. Regina Boisclair, Cardinal Newman Chair of Catholic Theology. Death and Dying RS 20105 satisfies the Religion/Ethics or Humanities general university requirement. The course considers ways that bereavement is viewed in medical and cultural realms as well as through the perspective of the five major living religions.

Committed to personalized instruction incorporating Alaska as our principal classroom, APU is an accredited liberal arts and sciences university that engages students in applied, project-based learning.