Monica Marshall- First-Year Student

Monica Marshall with a forest in the backgroundStudent at APU and ASAPU First-Year Representative

Monica came up to Anchorage this Fall from Cleveland, Ohio to enroll in the Environmental Policy and Planning program and join the freshman class of 2015 here at APU. Monica has been busy, working at the bookstore, joining four clubs and becoming a representative for ASAPU, all in her first semester on campus.

During Orientation Week at the Cowboys and Aliens Casino Night is when Monica first felt like she belonged at APU. She dressed up as a cowgirl with her suite mates and played poker all night long. It was nice to see all her new friends being so happy and everyone treating her like family during her first week away from home.

Quote: “Going to the Farm for GS 135 (Sustainable Communities) changed my life. I got to know my peers and I felt really accomplished when we were working out in the gardens. For the first time in my life I was being sustainable and relying on myself to do hard work to provide for myself and others. It gave me insight on how I want to live my life in the future.”