An Adventure-Based Education and Therapy Program for At-Risk Youth in Alaska

Randy-DowdThere are struggling kids in Alaska who desire or need direction and positive inspiration for change in their lives. Everything we do, we do because we believe that we can positively inspire youth to realize and pursue their passions. With “unconditional positive regard” for each and every student, this project provides educational services for youth of all ages, skills, and abilities; including behavioral health and quality of life issues for vulnerable, at-risk and troubled youth. We help them make the adjustments they want to make in their life with the intent of supporting them in their efforts to achieve their hopes and dreams. Ultimately, through the adventure and expeditionary learning process, we act as a catalyst for helping young boys and girls reach their full potential and to thrive in life.

This project is committed to delivering the highest quality expeditionary learning programs and adventure therapy services in Alaska. This is accomplished through a variety of settings; from outdoor adventurous environments to urban centers in major metropolitan areas throughout Alaska, the country, and around the globe. For our students on course, we create challenging elements, incorporate meaningful service components, inspire creative exploration, and implement adventurous initiatives in the delivery of our programs. This is done with the intent to stimulate motivation, compassion, creativity, confidence, and passion for purpose.