Living One Day at A Time

by Edward D. Mockta

I chose to attend APU to focus on health services administrator, since other colleges and universities in Anchorage did not offer this major. I am a working father of three and married. I not only wanted to gain more skills to advance in my career, I also wanted to be a positive role model to my children, to show that they too can pursue their dreams.

APU allows me to work full time and take classes both online and in the evenings. For this, I am grateful. I bring my workplace and life’s experiences into my learning at APU. This gives me a better understanding of the content and how it relates to today.

Working, attending school full time, and raising a family has been challenging for me. I have come this far by living, working, and attending classes one day at a time. Living with this mindset reminds me I have can have goals in life. For me to get there, I measure one step and one class at a time.

Today I am close to receiving my AA in Business Administration. I have decided to pursue my BA in Business Administration as well, with the option of continuing my focus on health services in the future.

This has been a great and rewarding experience for me, and I encourage anyone to pursue their dreams. It is never too late to attend or return to college.


Edward Mockta will complete his AA in Business Administration and then continue forward for his BA. He is the Manager of Outpatient Pediatrics for Southcentral Foundation.