Tuition rollback in 2014 makes APU competitive with West Coast schools that court Alaskans

University trustees have approved tuition rollback for undergraduates entering in 2014, underscoring APU’s commitment to placing quality, private higher education within reach of more Alaska students and families.

By unanimous vote May 16, APU trustees agreed to strategic planning that cuts full-time on-campus undergraduate tuition from $29,700 to $19,500, a drop of 34 percent.

Alaskans, who comprise 75 percent of enrollment, will find that rollback makes Alaska Pacific competitive with out-of-state pricing at large West Coast public universities, where classes range to 300 students and higher.

Studies show that since 2008, tuition at public universities has increased by at least 15 percent in most states.

“Lower tuition means that more students will be able to take advantage of private, quality education at APU, where average class size is 9-to-1,” President Don Bantz said.

Polls rank affordability – including student debt and the value of a college degree – as the No. 1 issue concerning students today. “APU students raised these same questions,” Bantz said. “We listened and took action.”

Figures compiled by the College Board show that APU joins only 22 percent of private schools nationwide offering annual tuition lower than $21,000. Scholarships and loans will drive costs still lower at APU, Bantz said.

Rollback was pegged to a level that permits modest growth in numbers of undergraduates living on campus while maintaining net revenue achieved with current pricing.

“We’re accomplishing this without eroding our budget or high academic standards,” Bantz said.

Reduced tuition is available to applicants nationwide and will be reflected in pricing in 2014 for currently enrolled students not already paying less than the rollback price.

An added incentive to choose APU: Students who complete freshmen and sophomore years at the University will qualify for junior-year education travel grants totaling $3,000 each.

Travel courses are part of APU’s longstanding commitment to experiential learning. Recent destinations have included Spain, Czech Republic, Cuba and Malawi.