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You Discovered Us, Now Let’s Discover You

Alaska Pacific University offers distinctive education grounded in structured, real-world experience led by accomplished faculty committed to an intentionally small liberal arts college.

Learning at APU emphasizes rigorous classroom academics combined with challenging field work in the arts and sciences. Like you, we believe that a college education works best when it prepares graduates to contribute meaningfully – in your personal and professional lives – to a world where change is assured.

Observing its 50th anniversary in 2009, APU is a private four-year university located near the top of the world, a place where complex natural, cultural and geopolitical systems have international implications.
Research and teaching at Alaska Pacific University engages you in the unique challenges and opportunities arising from our regional systems.

APU is committed to attracting students and faculty who value learning by doing and the durable knowledge and skills that it imparts. Alaska Pacific University offers experience in education that works.

Alaska Pacific University: Experience education that works

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